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Upholding Standards.

Earning the Inhuman title isn't easy, and it's earned every day. A lot is expected of our members, both on and off the field; these are individuals who inspire their peers, pursue excellence in every venture, and set an example for all to follow. To uphold the Inhuman standard and foster quality community, every member agrees to the following terms immediately upon joining.

The Inhuman FIt contract

Welcome to Inhuman. This is an extremely challenging program with its own unique demands and rewards. Throughout your training, you will master the link between physical and mental resilience. Before we issue you your first plans in preparation for our community challenges, it is necessary for us to enumerate our expectations of you as a member. Meeting these requirements will help you on your journey to self-mastery, as well as Inhuman as a whole.

Due to the importance of community accountability and quality preservation, we have key expectations for members to uphold. Please read
these requirements of membership carefully:

In becoming a member and participating in any and all Inhuman Fit events, you understand and agree to the following terms:

1. Supplies such as food and rucksacks are typically not provided, with some exceptions.  Transportation may also not provided, but efforts to carpool will be organized as necessary.  Although official Inhuman Fit apparel is available and can be purchased, while recommended, it is not a requirement.
2. For continued access to training sessions and participation in community challenges, members must work toward pre-set goals with evidence of progress being required.  This can be done by showcasing efforts during workouts, max testing and / or event participation.  Each individual member must be self-motivated and train accordingly.  Membership may be revoked, at Inhuman Fit’s sole discretion, if minimum effort and participation standards are not met and maintained.

3. For access to challenges, plans, weekly events, and all Inhuman Fit functions, there is a charge of $100 per semester. Pricing will change depending on when the member joins. If joining before the first challenge, the full charge will be due. If before the second challenge, $75 will be due. Before the third challenge, $50 will be due. If a fourth challenge is scheduled, $50 will still be due before its conduct. Members who join before 01/01/2023 are considered legacy members and will not be charged. All University of Alabama members will not be charged.


4. Inhuman Fit leadership are NOT personal trainers but have developed training guidelines based on personal experience.  Every member participates in training and challenges on a voluntary basis and assumes all risks associated with Inhuman Fit's physical activities, including the monthly challenges.  A separate Release Waiver must be read and signed before membership can be granted and any activity can begin.

5. Open, honest, and frequent communication between Inhuman Fit leadership and individual members is critical to the success of the program.  It is important that progress reports and acceptance to participate at community events be communicated with Inhuman Fit leadership.  Repeated failure to communicate or cooperate with Inhuman leadership will not be tolerated.  Membership may be revoked at Inhuman Fit’s sole discretion at any time..

6. Integrity is at the heart of Inhuman Fit’s mission, and members are required to showcase integrity, respect, and honor both during Inhuman Fit activities and throughout daily life.  Inhuman Fit members must treat others, both Inhuman members and peers & colleagues, with respect.  All Inhuman Fit members must adhere to federal, state & local laws and university codes of conduct.  Failure in this regard may result in membership being revoked at Inhuman Fit’s sole discretion.

7. Inhuman Fit members must always maintain professionalism among fellow members.  Flirting and / or public displays of affection among members or with leadership during training sessions and challenges is prohibited.  All members have the right to work out free from being sexualized in any manner.  Violations may result in membership being revoked at Inhuman Fit’s sole discretion.  

8. Members give permission to Inhuman Fit to take, record, and create photographs, images, videos, and quotes (collectively called "media").  Permission is also granted to use, publish, distribute, and/or broadcast the media, in education and marketing materials, including in connection with product endorsements. This release is given without payment or any other consideration.

9. Membership can be withdrawn by the member at any time.  To do so, members should communicate directly with leadership through a campus instructor or to either of the two founders, Nicholas Dantzlerward or Oliver Miller.

10. Most importantly, as a member, I refuse to quit in anything I do, both on and off the challenge field, and will set the example for all my peers to emulate. I will strive to be Inhuman.


By signing this contract, all members of Inhuman Fit agree to the Terms above.



Don't hesitate to call, text, or email if you have any questions about the Inhuman Fit contract!


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